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The Letter with the Golden Stamp

10-year-old Audrey has a secret. She’s the main carer for her severely ill father. With her mum having left half a year ago, Audrey is constantly in fear of being found out by social services, so she has fine-tuned her life into becoming one of the best actresses on the planet. As soon as she steps out of the front door, the show is on, and all the world becomes her stage! No-one would ever guess that she is a nurse and doctor for her father, the family food shopper (and sometimes shoplifter!), a medicines collector, and even bedtime-reader for her younger siblings. Audrey is becomes determined to find a way of helping her Dad get to the best doctor in the best hospital in the country so that he can get better and they won’t ever need to be apart and she won’t have to worry anymore. The only problem is, it’s a dream that will cost her thousands.


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Author Raúf, Onjali Q. Published by Orion Children’s Books ISBN 9781510108929 EAN 9781510108929 Bic Code Cover Paperback