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It’s time to embrace the beauty of bitter flavours. Fearlessly bringing together the best flavours and culinary strategies from around the world, Alexina Anatole will help you befriend bitterness – one flavour-balancing technique at a time. Using ten ingredients to walk you through every type of bitterness and how to tame it – from grapefruit and bitter oranges, bitter greens, tahini, beer, walnuts, cranberries, tea, coffee, cocoa and liquorice – each recipe will expand your repertoire and open the door to new worlds of deliciousness, using bitterness in both savoury and sweet dishes to elevate the taste of everything you make. These 80 recipes include something to suit every taste and occasion.


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Author Alexina Anatole Published by Square Peg ISBN 9781529193121 EAN 9781529193121 Bic Code Cover Hardback