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When I feel red

April has always been a little bit EXTRA. She feels everything to the max and would rather express herself using pictures over words. More likely to be found drawing and doodling than paying attention in class, April has always struggled with school. Lessons feel like they’re in a foreign language making her brain shut down. And it sometimes feels like her classmates come from a different planet, especially now they’re all suddenly obsessed with their latest crushes and teeny bopper dramas which April just finds BORING. As lessons continue to perplex her and the detentions build up, April thinks maybe she is doing Year 8 all wrong? She’s always been fine doing her own thing, so why does it suddenly feel like everyone around her is pulling away and leaving her behind? Perhaps life would be easier if she just learned to fit in.


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Author Lily Bailey Published by Orion Children’s Books ISBN 9781510109933 EAN 9781510109933 Bic Code Cover Paperback