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Trees feed us, shelter us, inspire us and heal us. In a world facing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and a pressing climate emergency, the importance of these primeval beings in shaping our future is hard to understate. Generously illustrated and organised according to tree lifecycle – from seeds, leaves and form to wood, flowers and fruit – this book celebrates the great diversity and beauty of the 60,000 tree species that inhabit our planet. Details are rendered by photography and infographics: intricate bark and leaf patterns, intertwined ecosystems, colourful flower displays, archaic wooden wheels and timber houses. Integral to science, art and culture, fundamental and fragile, dependent and depended on, the vitality of trees is revealed like never before.


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Author P. P. Smith Published by Thames and Hudson ISBN 9780500024058 EAN 9780500024058 Bic Code Cover Hardback