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The Reindeer Hunters

The year is 1903, and 22 years have passed since Astrid Hekne died in childbirth. Her son Jehans lives on a modest smallholding up in the hills near Butangen, having withdrawn from his community. He is drawn to freedom, to fishing and reindeer hunting, and one day meets a stranger over the body of a huge reindeer buck. Outside the new church in Butangen, Pastor Kai Schweigaard still cares for Astrid Hekne’s grave. The village’s overworked priest is tormented by his old betrayal, which led to death and to the separation of two powerful church bells cast in memory of two sisters in Astrid’s family. Kai is set on finding an ancient tapestry made by the sisters – the Hekne Weave – in the hope that it will reveal how he can remedy his iniquities.


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Author Lars Mytting Published by MacLehose Press ISBN 9781529416084 EAN 9781529416084 Bic Code Cover Paperback