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The circle breakers

Fourteen-year-old Elle and her friends are going to a not-to-be-missed funfair. But a ride on the Ghost Train takes them further than they ever imagined. They end up in 1880, face-to-face with criminal mastermind, The Grandfather! To Elle’s surprise, he needs her help. Someone has threatened to reveal The Gift to the media. If that happens, everyone will know that Leaplings can leap through time; no Leapling will be safe. Meanwhile, Millennia’s power at the head of The Vicious Circle grows. Will Elle work for a villain to save her secret community? Can she and The Infinites crush The Vicious Circle for good?


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Author Patience Agbabi Published by Canongate ISBN 9781838855796 EAN 9781838855796 Bic Code Cover Paperback