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The book family Robinson

A bookish family shipwrecked on a treasure island faces off against a fearsome pirate crew. The keen-reading Robinsons set out to sea, their boat barely afloat with all their books, until a storm strikes down their holiday plans. Shipwrecked on a mysterious island, they gather their soggy books up and research how to survive – completely missing the treasure littered all around them! But the Bloodbucket pirates remember it all too well, and when they find the Robinsons have taken their turf, it’s time to walk the plank. With only ‘Silly Monkey Goes to the Toilet’ left to hand, can the Robinsons read themselves free from a watery doom?


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Author Jonathan Emmett Published by Templar Books ISBN 9781800781313 EAN 9781800781313 Bic Code Cover Paperback