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Spring rain

In ‘Spring Rain’ writer and gardener, Marc Hamer, now in his sixties, shares his path to contentment from difficult beginnings. Through the prism of family gardens, he reflects on how we reconcile our childhoods with where we end up as adults. Growing up in a violent home, as a young boy Marc found solace and safety in his small back garden. In particular, in its shed, where he stumbled across an incomplete set of old encylopaedias. These books, and observing the plants and insects in his private kingdom, began his lifelong love of learning and openness to the world. Throughout his journey from youth to age, which included a period living homeless in the countryside, Marc has found the answers to life’s questions in the nature around him. This memoir, with line drawings by the author, encourages us back in tune with the natural world and offers both consolation and a guide to a happier life.


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Author Marc Hamer Published by Vintage ISBN 9781529920482 EAN 9781529920482 Bic Code BM|VXM|W Cover Paperback