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Roots of happiness

Susie Dent is on a mission to find light in the deepest, darkest corners of our language. It takes just a short browse through the dictionary to spot how it is filled with negative words. But Susie has searched far and wide to unearth happy and uplifting words and phrases that, in some cases, have been long-forgotten and, in other cases, have only just been discovered. This is the book to lift you out of your mubble fubbles (a slightly sad mood), make you grin like a gigglemug (someone who never stops smiling), and have you chortling (laughing) away in no time. This joyous collection of 100 positive words will show readers young and old just how wonderful language can be – and how you can use your words to make the world a happier place.


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Author Susie Dent Published by Puffin ISBN 9780241573198 EAN 9780241573198 Bic Code Cover Hardback