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Putin’s wars

A new history of how Putin and his conflicts have inexorably reshaped Russia, including his devastating invasion of Ukraine. ‘Putin’s Wars’ is a timely overview of the conflicts in which Russia has been involved since Vladimir Putin became prime minister and then president of Russia, from the First Chechen War to the two military incursions into Georgia, the annexation of Crimea and the eventual invasion of Ukraine itself. But it also looks more broadly at Putin’s recreation of Russian military power and its expansion to include a range of new capabilities, from mercenaries to operatives in a relentless information war against Western powers. This is an engrossing strategic overview of a rejuvenated Russian military and the successes and failures on the battlefield.


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Author Mark Galeotti Published by Osprey Publishing ISBN 9781472847553 EAN 9781472847553 Bic Code Cover Paperback