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The Elites have possessed powers for decades, gifted to them by the Plague, while those born Ordinary are just that. Banished from the kingdom if you lack an ability and forced to live in the slums, the Ordinaries don’t have it easy. No one knows this better than Paedyn Gray. She’ll do anything to survive and stay out of trouble, even if it means posing as a Psychic to blend in with the Elites. But when Paeydn unsuspectingly saves Kai Azer, an Ilya prince, she finds herself thrown into the Purging Trials, a cut-throat competition showcasing the Elites’ powers – the very thing Paedyn is incapable of. Either the Trails or the opponents are going to kill her, or the prince she’s fighting feelings for will when he discovers what Paedyn is – completely Ordinary.


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Author Lauren Roberts Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s ISBN 9781398529489 EAN 9781398529489 Bic Code Cover Paperback