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Oscar, The Second Coming, Dan Pearce

What would Oscar Wilde make of modern day Britain? And what would modern day Britain make of a latter day Oscar Wilde?

In this beautifully illustrated graphic novel, Dan Pearce brings the celebrated and notorious Victorian wit a century into the future, with great humour and a Wildean sense of mischief in his own right.

When Oscar Wilde reappears in Reading Gaol exactly a century after his initial imprisonment in 1895, the event is greeted with disbelief, then denial – not least by Wilde himself.

Among prison staff and the judiciary, press and government, bewilderment turns to panic. With truly Wildean wit, Dan Pearce revels in a technology and attitudes much changed over a century or so, while people and their mores remain rooted in self-interest. In fact, those most willing to accept the regenerated Wilde on his own terms are his new cell mates, while the great and the good search in vain for political expedients, unable to face down the moral dilemma of a resurrected Oscar Wilde.

‘It’s delightful! Very, very funny … Anyone with a true sense of him should find it wholly engaging!’
—Stephen Fry


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AN Editions, 2023