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Operation Chiffon

Peter Taylor tells the gripping story of Operation Chiffon, MI5’s top-secret intelligence operation that finally helped bring peace to Ireland. April 1998: the Good Friday Agreement is signed, ending decades of violence and bloodshed in Northern Ireland. The process of getting the IRA to end its so-called ‘armed struggle’ was always the prerequisite of the search for peace. It was Operation Chiffon that made it possible. Operation Chiffon takes us inside the top-secret intelligence operation whose roots go back to the bloodiest years of the conflict in the early 1970s, involving officers from MI6 and, later in the 1990s, MI5. The remarkable story, which has remained hidden for 40 years, is now revealed by legendary BBC journalist Peter Taylor with unique access to the officers involved.


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Author Peter Taylor Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 9781526659644 EAN 9781526659644 Bic Code Cover Paperback