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One Hour of Fervour, Muriel Barbery

From the bestselling author of The Elegance of the Hedgehog comes a spellbinding story of one man’s promise to keep a secret that may hold him from the greatest joy possible.

Haru, a successful Japanese art dealer, appreciates beauty, harmony, balance, and good sake. A few months after an affair in Kyoto with Maud, a mysterious Frenchwoman, he learns that she is pregnant with his child. But she issues him a heartbreaking warning: if he ever tries to see her or the child, she will kill herself.

Quietly devastated, Haru decides to respect Maud’s wishes. And Rose grows up on the other side of the world, without ever knowing her father. Is it too late to change things?

One Hour of Fervour is a stunning exploration of the love of a father forced to live in the shadows, capturing the darkness that can both push people apart and draw them closer.


Gallic, 2024