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Midnight Fox Advent Calendar – now unavailable, sorry, Angela Harding

This advent calendar from Art Angels is new for 2023.

This calendar has fold out sections at the side of it that can be used to make the calendar free standing. The mid distance of the image contains a fox looking towards the cottage and woodland in the distance. The ‘wings’ of the calendar feature bioth rabbits and hares. These ‘wings’ can be folded out in a number of permutations to both stabilise the calendar and provide extra intersest; there are two score marks in each ‘wing’ which allow easy folding of these.

The images behind the doors of the calendar are of course a mystery until you open them but they contain further images.

Each calendar comes with an accompanying envelope for ease of postage.

Measurements (flat)

40.5cm x 31.8cm


Out of stock

Art Angels, 2023