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Levitation for beginners

It’s 1972 and ten-year-old Deborah is living a ten-year-old life: butterscotch angel delight and Raleigh chopper bikes, and Clunk Click, and Crackajack and Jackanory, Layla and the Bee Gees, flares and ponchos. But new girl Sarah-Jayne breezes into school, pretty as a picture and full of gossip and speculation, as well as unlikely but thrilling stories about levitation. The other girls are dazzled, but Deborah is wary and keeps her distance. Then she’s invited to Sarah-Jayne’s lovely house, where she meets her charming family and encounters Sarah-Jayne’s big sister’s fiancé, Max, which is when she senses that all isn’t quite as it seems.


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Author Suzannah Dunn Published by Abacus ISBN 9781408707234 EAN 9781408707234 Bic Code Cover Hardback