The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop

Lenny Lemmon and the trail of Crumbs

When an important visitor turns up at school one day, Lenny and his friends are surprised to find themselves sent to the back field to count the footballs and tidy up the bibs. The school dog, Crumbs, has been sent there too. He’s quite a lively dog and prone to over-enthusiasm. Suddenly they realise it’s all a ruse to keep them away from the guest! Furious, and not a little hurt, our heroes rush into school, demanding answers and an apology. The subsequent encounter (chase) with the important visitor nearly brings down the school. But, of course, Lenny and friends, with the help of the enthusiastic Crumbs, save the day and show everyone that Fleurwood Academy is the place to be!


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Author Ben Davis Published by Nosy Crow ISBN 9781839949364 EAN 9781839949364 Bic Code YFQ|YFP| Cover Paperback