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Before there was Addie, there was Keedie. Five years before the events of ‘A Kind of Spark’, Keedie is figuring out how to be her bold, brave self in a town that wants her to be quiet. Her twin sister Nina seems to care more about being popular, and Keedie knows her little sister Addie is more similar to her than her family knows. When she starts standing up to people’s bullies for them, everyone wants her to pretend nothing is wrong with the way things are in Juniper. But firecracker Keedie wants things to change – and she wants things to be better for Addie. As she sets out to right wrongs and stand up for the truth, the sleepy town of Juniper is about to wake up and see that Keedie is one of a kind.


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Author Elle McNicoll Published by Knights Of ISBN 9781913311988 EAN 9781913311988 Bic Code YF Cover Paperback