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Joined-up thinking

Almost everything we’ve ever achieved has been done by groups of people working together, sometimes across time and space. Like a hive of bees, or a flock of birds, our naturally social, interconnected brains are designed to function best collectively. New technology is helping us share our wisdom and knowledge much more diversely across race, class, gender and borders. And AI is sparking a revolution in our approach to intelligent thinking – linking us into fast-working brainnets for problem solving. Hannah Critchlow brings us an enlightening guide to our future through the evolving new science of collective intelligence. She reveals what it says about us as human beings, shares compelling examples and stories, and shows us how best we can work collectively at work, in families, in any team situation to improve our outcomes, our wellbeing, and our prospects.


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Author Hannah Critchlow Published by Hodder ISBN 9781529398434 EAN 9781529398434 Bic Code J|PDR|PD Cover Paperback