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Faruq and the wiri wiri

There is not a better smell in the world than Ajee’s Cook-up rice. The kitchen fills with the smell of coconut, garlic and spices. Faruq loves his grandmother Ajee, and he loves her cooking. In fact, Faruq would like to cook too – he wants to be a chef, but Ajee says he has to be a doctor like his father. But one day when Ajee is too ill to make the family feast, with the help of his neighbour Mrs Joseph, Faruq picks some hot wiri wiri chilli peppers and cooks up a banquet. Preparing food for his family fills Faruq’s heart with love – and sets a different course for his future. This sumptuous story celebrates Caribbean culture and food through Sophia Payne’s distinct voice that is reflective of her Indo-Guyanese heritage and is brought to life by Sandhya Prabhat’s beautiful artwork. It also includes a recipe for Guyanese Lime cookies for you to try at home!


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Author Sophia Payne Published by Templar Books ISBN 9781800782624 EAN 9781800782624 Bic Code Cover Paperback