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Eiffel Tower emergency

The Timekeepers are a secret organisation of kids who keep the course of history on track – and history needs them – a villain called DeLay is causing chaos! When the hands on their watches start to spin backwards, the Timekeepers know that DeLay has been up to no good, and it’s up to them to put things right. In this instalment, the Timekeepers travel back to the 1889 World’s Fair to see the unveiling of the newly-built Eiffel Tower. However, things don’t go as planned when they discover that the villainous DeLay is up to his old tricks and has stolen the blueprints! Monsieur Eiffel and the organisers of the fair are dismayed. No one has ever built a tower so tall, and if they fail, maybe no one will be so ambitious again. It’s up to The Timekeepers to stop DeLay and save the day!


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Author SJ King Published by Dorling Kindersley Limited ISBN 9780241559154 EAN 9780241559154 Bic Code YFB|YFC Cover Paperback