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Does my dog love me?

Our dogs mean the world to us and as owners we do our best to make sure they feel happy and loved, whilst also keeping them in line when needed. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if we spoke the same language and could ask what they were thinking or feeling? In this book, top dog trainer, Graeme Hall, reveals the secrets to understanding what your furry companion is trying to say and how they see the world. Drawing on 15 years of experience training over 5,000 dogs, and backed up with scientific evidence, he tackles all the tricky questions you’ve ever wanted to ask, such as ‘how do I tell my dog he’s been naughty?’ and ‘how long does a dog remember?’. Sharing his own personal stories and practical tips, Graeme demonstrates how to interpret your dog’s body language and use that knowledge to build a stronger, more rewarding relationship, as well as how to avoid common mistakes.


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Author Graeme Hall Published by Ebury Spotlight ISBN 9781529149234 EAN 9781529149234 Bic Code Cover Hardback