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Beyond Possible

My comfort zone begins where most individuals quit. As a kid in Nepal, I went barefoot because my family had nothing. That’s how I developed the resilience I needed for joining the Gurkhas – one of the most fearless forces in the British Army. Then against all odds, I became the first ever Gurkha soldier in more than 200 years of history to join the Special Boat Service where I served in the some of the world’s most dangerous warzones, kicking down doors to capture enemy gunmen and terrorist bomb makers. But elite combat wasn’t enough. I wanted more of a test. That’s where my next project came in, something nobody thought possible – to climb all 14 ‘Death Zone’ mountains in seven months. This is the inside story of my incredible adventure.


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Author Nimsdai Purja Published by Hodder ISBN 9781529312263 EAN 9781529312263 Bic Code Cover Paperback