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Alcatoe and the Turnip Child

Welcome to Plum Woods, where spells come alive and witches gather for the Annual Harvest Festival to celebrate the season! Alcatoe, the town witch, and the local children of Plum Woods are up to some witchy business – like casting spells and growing a prize-winning turnip. But after their grouchy neighbour Mr Pokeweed chases them out of his garden, the kids decide to take action and ask Alacatoe for help to win the Annual Harvest Festival Vegetable Pageant. From cursed fruit salad to potions filled with the sneeze of a donkey and the tail hair of a copy cat, Alcatoe knows all the right ingredients to make the magic happen. But when their prize-winning vegetable comes alive, their home-grown food soon becomes a friend, in danger of being prepared for the feast. Will they save Turnip Child in time?


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Author Isaac Lenkiewicz Published by Flying Eye Books ISBN 9781838740146 EAN 9781838740146 Bic Code Cover Paperback