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Alan Partridge – big beacon

In ‘Big Beacon’, Norwich’s favourite son and best broadcaster, Alan Partridge, triumphs against the odds. TWICE. Using an innovative ‘dual narrative’ structure you sometimes see in films, ‘Big Beacon’ tells the story of how Partridge heroically rebuilt his TV career, rising like a phoenix from the desolate wasteland of local radio to climb to the summit of Mount Primetime and regain the nationwide prominence his talent merits. But then something quite unexpected and moving, because ‘Big Beacon’ also tells the story of a selfless man, driven to restore an old lighthouse to its former glory, motivated by nothing more than respect for a quietly heroic old building that many take for granted, which some people think is a metaphor for Alan himself even though it’s not really for them to say.


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Author Alan Partridge Published by Seven Dials ISBN 9781398719217 EAN 9781398719217 Bic Code Cover Hardback