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Adventure in the floating mountains

It is the once-every-century Cloud-Wish Festival in the magical world of Strofadia, and Flick and Jonathan have travelled via suitcase to be a part of it. Strofadia is a land of flight and fantasy, where the people are born with wings and the great floating mountains are seen as the source of fantastic power. There are three floating mountains, with the largest being known as the home of the great Cloud Dragon – keeper of magic and granter of wishes. The people of Strofadia take their magical wishes (in the form of a physical bead-like object) to the dragon, in the hopes that the wish will be granted at the end of the festival when the dragon appears. Flick and Jonathan have fun exploring Strofadia, but when the moons rise, there is no sign of movement from the mountain. Will Flick and Jonathan be able to find out what happened to the dragon and save the festival and the land of Strofadia from disaster?


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Author L. D. Lapinski Published by Orion Children’s Books ISBN 9781510111837 EAN 9781510111837 Bic Code YFH Cover Paperback