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A practical present for Philippa Pheasant

Philippa Pheasant is a bright little bird who lives in the woods near the village of Fairhurst. But every time Philippa tries to cross the Old Oak Road, she is nearly knocked down pancake flat – and she’s had enough! She’s on the way to tell the villagers what for, when she stumbles across something very interesting. A tall lady, in a bright yellow uniform, standing in the middle of the road. Philippa has never seen the cars stop like that before! Which gives her an idea. Can she, Philippa, make her own bright outfit and little lollipop stick? Can she help all her critter friends cross the road, and get where they need to go?


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Author Smith, Briony May Published by Walker Books Ltd ISBN 9781529513387 EAN 9781529513387 Bic Code Cover Paperback