The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop

Coffee, Cake and Nature’s Calendar – with Rowan Jaines and Lulah Ellender

Date: 17th September
Time: 11:00am
Location: Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre

How does our understanding of the seasons affect how we view nature and the environment? Nature’s Calendar is a book that celebrates each small turn of the year by focusing on 72 five-day segments (an idea based on a Japanese ancient lunar calendar). Rowan and Lulah are part of the 4-woman team who began the Noticing Nature project online in 2021.

Nature’s Calendar opens our eyes to the sheer abundance and vitality of the natural world. It is an irrepressible and joyous celebration of the small and the local, and a genuine contribution to the question of how to preserve and protect these natural riches. As such, it is also a positive and enabling environmental call to arms.

We’ll provide the coffee and the cake.

Rowan Jaines lectures in Human Environmental Geography at Sheffield University, and Lulah Ellender is an writer and gardener, whose latest book is Grounding: Finding Home in a Garden. They will be in conversation with Bristol University’s Ralph Pite, a Professor of English with a special interest in writing and the environment.