TBR: The To Be Read Pile

We all have them, the ‘to be read’ pile that stares at you from the corner of a room or your book shelf. Mine is at over at over 200 books. Some dread the number of their pile, but I see mine as a challenge and an investment in my future. There is nothing more pleasurable than buying new books – that new book smell is scintillating and the feeling of finding a home for your new purchases is akin to a game of Tetris but satisfying when you find its place on your trophy/book shelf.

I’ve been thinking about my reading goals for the year and what I would like to read from my shelves, and the purchases I cannot wait to make (I usually make a pre-order list at the beginning of the year – which is added to constantly). My goals for the year include reading more non-fiction. I’m currently reading Tim Harford’s How to Make the World Add up as I have a secret passion for marketing and find the way numbers are used fascinating, Harford has a knack for making economics easy to read and understand and I’m loving it! I’m planning on reading autobiographies, cookery books, and knitting books and would appreciate any recommendations you have for my endevaour.

My second goal is to read more Sci-fi, I’m a massive fantasy fan and have always been a little scared of science fiction but I have picked up a copy of Ringworld by Larry Niven and am enjoying the dystopian vibe.

For fantasy I am doing a re-read of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive so I can be fully informed when I finally read Rhythm of War, my most anticipated book last year. I’m also hoping we get some news about Patrick Rothfuss’s Doors of Stone and book I have been dying to get my hands on since finishing Wise Man’s Fear. I also would love to start on my Robin Hobb journey.

Now onto the hard job of reading more and tackling the to be read pile… This is my plan to read more;

  • Schedule it in. I now have an app that tell me to read for an hour a day as a list person this is really helping me feel accountable for my time.
  • Read during Mindless Task – If I have something cooking in the oven I set a timer and use that time to read.
  • Don’t be afraid to DNF (Did not finish.) – With so many books to read I’m reading 50 pages of a book and if I’m not enjoying it I’m moving on… life is too short to struggle through a book and if its putting me off reading it’s not helping you reach your goals
  • Setting Small goals- make it achievable but not a chore
  • Reading groups – If you cannot join a book club face to face (or via zoom) their are great reading books on facebook that you can join) I’m part of a discord group that reads a book a month and discusses it as the month goes on and then we do a zoom meeting once a month to discuss the title in depth.)
  • I put a couple of pounds away every time I finish a book – motivation to save money to spend on books at the end of the year – the more I read the more I get to splurge in January 2022!

Some Books on My To Be Read Pile

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