The Case for Home Schooling Free Range Education Handbook, Anna Dusseau


Hawthorn Press, 2020



This homeschooling handbook offers resources for parents homeschooling with their children,  by a teacher turned home-educator. Anna Dusseau explores the purpose of education, how children learn, the benefits of home education, key questions and activities for homeschooling to get started:   Timely comparison of home vs. mainstream school for post lockdown choices Straight-talking, tried-and-tested methods for homeschooling parents Common-sense tips from a professional teacher turned home-educator Engages children with creative, self-directed learning for life Benefits of homeschooling and how to get started Burning questions addressed Empowering home learning resources – websites, blogs, books and FAQs Legal overview so you can deal with the education authorities Inspirational stories from 14 homeschooling families Revealing interviews with a home-educated young person and a home educator Conversational style – highly readable and seeringly honest 101 activities for homeschooling


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