Priestley At Kissing Tree House, Rosalie Batten


Author Rosalie Batten Published by Great Northern Books Ltd ISBN 9781912101948 EAN 9781912101948 Bic Code Cover Paperback


A lost and now found memoir of J.B. Priestley written by someone who knew him better than most others: his own personal secretary. Written in the 1980s, though never published, the manuscript has only recently resurfaced. It provides a unique, warm and intimate portrait of the private, hidden life, of one of the twentieth century’s most widely read authors and great public figures. The book reveals Priestley’s daily routines, his writing habits, hobbies, weaknesses, eccentricities and his correspondence with a variety of organisations and people, including family, and other renowned authors and figures of the twentieth century; a warts and all portrait, truthful, revealing, moving.


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