The Whistleblower, Robert Peston


Author Robert Peston Published by Zaffre ISBN 9781838775261 EAN 9781838775261 Bic Code Cover Paperback


1997. A desperate government clings to power; a hungry opposition will do anything to win. And journalist Gil Peck watches from the sidelines, a respected commentator on the sport of power politics. He thinks he knows how things work. He thinks he knows the rules. But when Gil’s estranged sister Clare dies in a hit-and-run, he begins to believe it was no accident. Clare knew some of the most sensitive secrets in government. One of them might have got her killed. As election day approaches, Gil follows the story into the dark web of interests that link politics, finance and the media. And the deeper he goes, the more he realises how wrong he has been. Power isn’t sport: it’s war. And if Gil doesn’t stop digging, he might be the next casualty.


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