Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics For An Age of Crisis, George Monbiot


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What does the good life – and the good society – look like in the 21st century? Mainstream politics is stuck, torn between the redundant doctrines of Keynesianism and neoliberalism. Neither have much to offer a world facing environmental collapse, civic breakdown and a gathering crisis of permanent unemployment. This dismal, managerial politics fails to articulate a vision of a better world, driving people towards the anti-politics offered by Donald Trump and others. What is urgently needed is a positive, propositional vision that can re-engage people in politics. Here, Monbiot seeks out the best new ideas and streamlines them into a coherent, inspiring story that describes the present and shows the way to a better future. He explains how communities can be rebuilt, how economies can be recharged without destroying the living planet and how politics can once more inspire and thrill.


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