The Repair Shop: A Make Do and Mend Handbook, Karen Farrington


Author Karen Farrington Published by BBC Books ISBN 9781785944604 EAN 9781785944604 Bic Code Cover Hardback


Which glue should you use to mend a cracked vase? How do you colour match the varnish when restoring your old desk? How can you fix a favourite armchair that’s sagging, or unpick your child’s beloved, tattered teddy bear? We all have items in our homes that sit about in a state of disrepair while we mull over how to fix them but never actually get round to it. Direct from the Repair Shop’s ‘Workshop of Dreams’, this one-stop practical guide will help you repair and maintain those aging treasures and heirlooms around your house, stashed in the attic, or gathering dust in the garage.


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