A Bucket List To Die For, Lorraine Fouchet


Author Lorraine Fouchet Published by Hodder ISBN 9781529356779 EAN 9781529356779 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Lou suffers from a rare type of dementia and dies in her fifties. She leaves behind a message in a bottle, charging her husband with a challenging task: he has two months to reunite their patchwork family whose members have fallen out with each other. Joe can’t wait to get his hands on the bottle in the notary’s hands. To read the message inside it though – his wife Lou’s last words – he must rise to the challenge of reuniting their recalcitrant patchwork family within the next two months. Lucky for him, Lou has thought of everything and helps him along with a list of family activities and recipes. Slowly but surely, they all find their way back to each other: Joe’s son Cyrian and his two daughters Apple and Charlotte, his second wife who can’t stand Apple because she isn’t her own, Cyrian’s mistress, as well as his stunning sister Sarah who tries to drown her sorrow over her lost love Patrice.


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