The Death of Jesus, J. M. Coetzee


Author J. M. Coetzee Published by Vintage ISBN 9781529112566 EAN 9781529112566 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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David has grown to be a tall ten-year-old. He is a natural at soccer, and loves kicking a ball around with his friends. His father Sim?n and Bol?var the dog usually watch. His mother In?s works in a fashion boutique. David still asks lots of questions. In dancing class at the Academy of Music he dances as he chooses. He refuses to do sums and will not read any books except Don Quixote. One day Julio Fabricante, the director of a nearby orphanage, invites David and his friends to form a proper soccer team. David decides he will leave Sim?n and In?s to live with Julio. Before long he succumbs to a mysterious illness.


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