River Cottage Great Salads, Gelf Alderson


Author Gelf Alderson Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 9781526639103 EAN 9781526639103 Bic Code Cover Hardback

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Gelf Alderson has spent years serving up original, veg-centric meals to delight the guests at River Cottage. His recipes redefine the idea of salad, as playful flavour pairings, clever techniques and vibrant dressings bring out the very best in seasonal produce. Divided into chapters such as Quick, Hearty, Spicy and Lunchbox, these recipes use everyday ingredients, and give plenty of suggestions for seasonal swaps and delicious alternatives. With minimal effort, you’ll be serving up showstoppers such as char-grilled cabbage, pickled pears, pesto and walnuts, honey-glazed leftover belly perk with shredded summer veg and roast asparagus, feta, almonds and sourdough croutons. There’s also a whole chapter of dressings and pickles to enliven even a simple bowl of leaves.


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