Feelings and Emotions: Feeling Angry, Katie Douglass


Author Katie Douglass Published by Wayland ISBN 9781526300140 EAN 9781526300140 Bic Code Y Cover Paperback


Harry wakes up to an angry dad running late for work and Harry helps Dad to calm down and take his time instead of rushing. At school, a small boy is angry with another child for taking his toy, so Harry helps them to take turns and keep calm. At home, Harry’s sister, Susie, has a tantrum because she wants to eat a biscuit but her mum says no because it’s nearly teatime. Harry helps to distract his sister and explain why she shouldn’t be angry with her mum. He also helps his mum to count to ten so that she isn’t angry with Susie! However, at bedtime, Harry isn’t ready to go to bed and it’s his turn to get angry. Time for his family to take Harry’s advice and help him manage his feelings.


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