The Traditional Aga Cookbook: Recipes For Your Home, Louise Walker


Author Louise Walker Published by Absolute Press ISBN 9781472961983 EAN 9781472961983 Bic Code Cover Hardback


From soups to sauces and breads to bakes and everything in between, Louise Walker provides an essential companion for all Aga owners, packed full of delicious recipes and her invaluable top tips for how to get the best out of your Aga. The book presents a range of classic recipes, showing you how to perfect a souffl? in the Aga, or make the perfect chips. Louise then moves on to recipes showcasing what the Aga does best – slow cooking. With dishes such as braised chicken and chicory, Moroccan lamb cous cous and Boston baked beans, these are trouble-free recipes, full of rich and vibrant flavours. In the final chapter we explore the area of Aga cooking that fills most people with dread – baking. Putting to bed the myth that baking is a problem for the Aga, Louise provides recipes for simple breads, rolls and cakes, and absolute classics such as brownies, scones and Victoria sponge.


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