Oyster isles, Bobby Groves


Author Bobby Groves Published by Constable ISBN 9781472129079 EAN 9781472129079 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Bobby Groves was born in Maldon, Essex, where 2000 years ago the Romans developed a taste for the native oysters and they were shipped back to Rome as a highly prized delicacy. Bobby’s first job as a young lad was on the oyster farms, packing thousands of oysters into crates with frostbitten fingers in the Essex winter. It’s a long way from serving the rich and famous at Chiltern Firehouse, but it’s his physical first hand, lifelong, understanding of these strange creatures and their provenance that makes him so beloved of oyster fans from far and wide. In ‘Oyster Isles’, Bobby takes us on a journey around the oysters of the British Isles and Ireland, showing how their story is interwoven into the fabric of our history, culture, nature and people.


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