Summer Kitchens, Recipes and Reminiscences from Every Corner of Ukraine, Olia Hercules


Bloomsbury, 2020



‘A complete revelation’ Nigella Lawson

What is a ‘summer kitchen’? In Ukraine, it means a small cooking space located in the veg garden, away from the main house. Calling on fond childhood memories and countless conversations and cooking sessions, Olia Hercules shows how you can truly make the most of summery ingredients to create new, inventive and utterly delicious plates of food. Her recipes include burnt aubergine butter on tomato toast, sourdough garlic buns and poppyseed cake with elderflower and strawberries – each bite more delicious than the last.

As you cook your way through generous salads, moreish mains and sweet delights, you’ll discover a way of cooking that is both traditional and contemporary, because these techniques and flavour combinations have been handed down through generations, yet reworked for every home kitchen. Summer Kitchens also has a detailed chapter on fermentation, preserving and pickling (an ancient practice in Ukraine) that will inspire beginners and frequent picklers alike. It’s a gorgeous way to discover sustainable, healthy and delicious food for the summer and beyond.

‘I’m so glad she’s sharing these culinary secrets’ Melissa Hemsley


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