The Giants’ Tea Party, Vivian French


Author Vivian French Published by Walker Books Ltd ISBN 9781406392586 EAN 9781406392586 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Prince Max is on a mission. The royal family are down to their very last penny, so the king and queen have sent him away to the valley of the giants – with only a grumpy old donkey for company. According to legend, the giants are rich beyond all imagining: they live in gold palaces, drink from gold goblets and brush their teeth with gold toothpaste. But are the legends true and, even if they are, will the giants be willing to share their treasure? With the help of his donkey companion and Caromel, the talking cat, Max is about to find out. And he must keep his wits about him – there are worse dangers than giants lurking in the shadows!


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