Painting Time, Maylis de Kerangal


Author Maylis de Kerangal Published by MacLehose Press ISBN 9780857059864 EAN 9780857059864 Bic Code Cover Hardback

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Behind the ornate doors of 30, rue du M?tal in Brussels, 20 students begin their apprenticeship in the art of decorative painting – that art of tricksters and counterfeiters, where each knot in a plank of wood hides a secret and every vein in a slab of marble tells a story. Among these students are Kate, Jonas and Paula Karst. Together, during a relentless year of study, they will learn the techniques of reproducing materials in paint, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, and the intensity of their experience – the long hours in the studio, the late nights, the conversations, arguments, parties, romances – will cement a friendship that lasts long after their formal studies end.


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