Private Lives Of The Saints, Janina Ramirez


Author Janina Ramirez Published by WH Allen ISBN 9780753555613 EAN 9780753555613 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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The word ‘saint’ conjures a variety of associations in our modern minds. Some might connect it with suffering, charity and devotion to Christian values; others with miracles, martyrdom and heavenly gifts like the stigmata, while others still associate them with superstition, fanaticism and the power of the Papacy. But far from the one-dimensional pious figures we imagine, the saints were the power players, king makers and politicians of the day, and by re-examining their lives – the art and literature that inspired them, the landscape and buildings that surrounded them, the issues that preoccupied them and the symbolic world that mattered to them – this book provides a unique and fascinating lens through which to explore the rich history of the Dark Ages.


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