Island On The Edge Of The World, Deborah Rodriguez


Author Deborah Rodriguez Published by Sphere ISBN 9780751574586 EAN 9780751574586 Bic Code F Cover Paperback

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Haiti. A poor country rich in courage, strength and love. As these four women are about to discover. Charlie, the rootless daughter of American missionaries, now working as a hairdresser in Northern California. Bea, Charlie’s eccentric grandmother, who is convinced a reunion with her estranged mother will help Charlie heal. Lizbeth, a Texas widow who has never strayed too far from home. And Senzey, a young Haitian mother dealing with a lifetime of love and loss, who shows them the true meaning of bravery. Together they venture through the teeming, colourful streets of Port-au-Prince, into the worlds of do-gooders doing more harm than good, Vodou practitioners, artists, activists, and everyday Haitians determined to survive against all odds.


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