The Sentinel, Lee Child


Author Lee Child Published by Corgi Books ISBN 9780552177429 EAN 9780552177429 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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Jack Reacher gets off the bus in a sleepy no-name town outside Nashville, Tennessee. He plans to grab a cup of coffee and move right along. Not going to happen. The town has been shut down by a cyber attack. At the centre of it all, whether he likes it or not, is Rusty Rutherford. He’s an average IT guy, but he knows more than he thinks. As the bad guys move in on Rusty, Reacher moves in on them. And now Rusty knows he’s protected, he’s never going to leave the big man’s side. Reacher might just have to stick around and find out what the hell’s gone wrong – and then put it right, like only he can.


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