Dancing The Charleston Jacqueline Wilson


Author Jacqueline Wilson Published by Yearling ISBN 9780440871675 EAN 9780440871675 Bic Code Y Cover Paperback


Mona and her aunt live in a little cottage on the edge of the Somerset estate, where her aunt sews wonderful dresses for the lady of the house. Mona never knew her mother or father, but Aunty has always looked after her – and Mona knows she can always talk to her mum where she lies in the village graveyard. When Lady Somerset dies and a new member of the Somerset family inherits the house, things begin to change for Mona. She has never really fitted in anywhere, but the new Bohemian atmosphere at the house offers opportunities for her to shine – and to find new friends. Dancing at fancy Sea Creature balls and trips to London are wonderful new experiences – but new experiences sometimes bring revelations and Mona discovers there are secrets in her past she can’t dance away from.


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