You are Always With Me: Letters to Mama, Frida Kahlo


Author Frida Kahlo Published by Virago ISBN 9780349011950 EAN 9780349011950 Bic Code A Cover Hardback


Frida Kahlo is regarded as one of Mexico’s greatest painters: her extraordinary personal style, her tragic story, her relationship with Diego Rivera (the more famous painter in their day) alongside her passionate paintings have made her a cult figure since she died over 60 years ago. But beyond the familiar images there is a private story about a daughter who confided in her beloved mama, Matilde Calderon Kahlo. Until now Frida’s handwritten letters have only been available to scholars. Funny, observant and honest, they chart Kahlo’s relationship with her mother; a relationship that was sometimes fraught – as with most mother and daughters – but was always alive and honest.


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