Elizabethan Image: An Introduction To English Portraiture, 1558-1603, Roy Strong


Author Roy Strong Published by Yale University Press ISBN 9780300244298 EAN 9780300244298 Bic Code A Cover Hardback


This volume presents an engaging overview of an extraordinary period of English history, the reign of Elizabeth I. Beginning with the great portrait of the Queen in grand procession with her Garter Knights, we discover themes that run through the rest of the book: chivalry, the changing structure of society, the complexities of imagery and heraldic symbols, and the richness of the Elizabethan imagination. Significantly, these paintings were personal commissions by private individuals and not for public viewing, so they speak volumes about the people who commissioned, painted, and saw them. From portraits of the Queen herself and complex paintings of the knights and courtiers of her court to the formulaic works of the aspiring middle classes and their families Roy Strong presents a detailed and authoritative examination of one of the most fascinating periods of British art.


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