Nests, Susan Ogilvy


Author Susan Ogilvy Published by Particular Books ISBN 9780241481714 EAN 9780241481714 Bic Code Cover Hardback

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Susan Ogilvy started painting bird nests almost by accident. One day, while tidying up her garden after a storm, she found a chaffinch nest – a strange, sodden lump on the grass under a fir tree. This was the start of an obsession; Ogilvy has since painted more than 50 bird nests from life, each time marvelling at its ingenious construction. Every species of bird has its own vernacular, but sources its materials – most commonly twigs, roots, grasses, reeds, leaves, moss, lichen, hair, feathers and cobwebs, less usually, mattress stuffing and string – according to local availability. Ogilvy would, of course, never disturb nesting birds; instead she relies upon serendipity, which is why all her nests have either been abandoned after fulfilling their purpose, or displaced by strong winds. Exquisitely designed and packaged, ‘Nests’ will be an essential addition to the libraries of all nature lovers.


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